A guide to kitchen splashbacks

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A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house as it the area where the food is made and where the family often gathers to eat or prepare the food. Being a mother, you are most likely to spend a good part of the day prepping meals for your kids especially if they are smaller in age. You will want your kitchen to not be aesthetically pleasing but also be practical and easy to clean so that you only have to spend a little amount of time cleaning it and putting things back in their places. This is why you need a kitchen splashback that are placed on the wall behind the sink, stove and most of the counters that protects the wall from any food splatters and grease. They are also easy to clean as you only need a wet cloth to wipe them and they will be as good as new. Even if you are renovating and have a tight budget, you only need to change the splashback in order to revive the room and give it a fresh look. Traditionally, kitchen splashbacks in Brisbane were made from tile but now you have endless options ranging from glass splashbacks in Ipswich, to stone and aluminium panels. If it were not for this, then your wall would get damaged from the activities that take place in the kitchen making it harder for them to clean as well. Seepage into the walls is also prevented which helps in maintaining the structural condition of the wall. Splashbacks are also fire-resistant meaning that if your stove or pan catches fire then you don’t have to worry about the fire spreading and you can easily put out the contained fire. Kitchen splashbacks are available in so many different colours and styles making it easy for you to match the kitchen with the rest of the house even if you are renovating. A simple revamp can give your kitchen a more luxurious and elegant feel while still being practical. Such fixtures are also inexpensive to install and increase the hygiene level of your kitchen as they do not harbor bacteria. They are made of food grade material and if your food does come in contact with them then you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing it. 

While choosing a kitchen splashback there are a few factors that you have to think about. Your budget is one of the first things that you have to think about and if you have a tight one then acrylic materials and tiles are better as they cost less as compared to glass and stone. You also have considered the type of theme that you want ion your kitchen. If you want a modern look for kitchen, then a glass splashback is a good choice as it is available a range of colours and also gives a sleek look. Wood and steel fixtures are more likely to compliment any kind of benchtop while stone works best with stone benchtops and it will create a continuous and opulent look. If you do choose get stone, then make sure that you get them installed at the same time so that you can avoid any colour variations. Tiles are also a safe option and you can experiment with different patterns and designs but make sure that the end result is not too outdated. The cost of tiles also varies greatly according to the size and type of tile you choose.  Stainless steel is also a good option as it is very durable and hardwearing but you have to be careful to match it with the look of the rest of your kitchen so that it doesn’t look uncoordinated. Before you get them installed, you should also make sure that they are fire resistant and also inquire about the proper fitting needed for the kind of splashback that you choose. The one that is installed behind a stove requires a minimum distance from the burner so that it doesn’t get affected. Think about the maintenance as well. Glass splash backs are relatively easy to clean as you just have to wipe them down and sent require ant special cleaning products either. Tiles also have the disadvantage of having grout between them which has to be cleaned properly or dirt will accumulate affecting the look of your kitchen. 


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