TSS 482 Visa; A Golden Opportunity to Work in Australia

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What is TSS Visa Subclass 482? 

The Temporary Skill Shortage visa, subclass 482, is a golden opportunity for the graduates to establish a career in Australia. Australia is known for its strong economy and land of endless opportunities. This visa allows the recent graduates of different fields to work in reputed Australian organizations. The visa permits the visa holder to live in Australia, while working a full-time job for an employer in a nominated occupation. The employer needs to sponsor the visa holder for this visa. The job of the applicant must be relevant to the nominated occupation in the Short Skilled List or Medium Long Term Skilled list. The visa holder needs to meet a number of requirements for the acceptance of this visa. The requirements are mentioned in the next section.  

Requirements of 482 Visa 

To obtain the Temporary Skill Shortage visa, subclass 482, the applicant needs to meet a set of requirements to be eligible for it. Firstly, the candidate needs to have ajob offer and a sponsoring employer. The applicant also needs to have at least 2 years of relevant work experience. Other than these 2 primary requirements, there are other requirements related to language proficiency and health.  

There are different language tests that you can take to prove your language skills. You can choose from IELTS, OET, TOEFL, PTE and CAE. There is different criteria for acceptable standard of language in all these tests. The acceptance criteria in IELTS and OET is the same in the case of Short Term Skilled Occupation List and Medium or Long Term Skilled Occupation List. In the case of TOEEFL, PTE or CAE, the acceptable score is different.  

For all three categories, in the case of International English Language Testing System, IELTS, an overall score of 5 is required with at least 4.5 in each of the 4 components. If you choose Occupational English Test, OET, then you would need at least a B grade in each 4 components of exam.  

For Short Term Occupation List, in the case of Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL, you would need a total score of at least 36 points. In the individual components, you need at least 3 points in the components of listening and reading while at least 12 points in components of writing and speaking. On the other hand, if you’re going for Pearson Test of English, PTE, you need a total score of at least 36, with a minimum of 30 points in each component. For Cambridge English Advanced, you need to have a minimum of 154, with at least 147 in each component. 

For Medium and Long Term Skills List, the acceptance criteria for the IELTS and OET is the same. For TOEFL, you need a minimum score of 35 instead of 36 while 4 in reading and listening components and 14 in writing and speaking components. If you’re appearing for PTE, you need at least 36 points with at least 36 in each component. Lastly, if you’re choosing CAE, you need a minimum of 154 overall, also a minimum of 154 in each of 4 test components.  

The 3 streams of 482 Visa Streams 

The applicants of Temporary Skill Shortage visa can choose from 3 streams, if applicable.  

  • Short Term Skilled Occupations List 
  • Medium Term Skilled Occupations List 
  • Long Term Skilled Occupations List 

The applicant can choose between the 3 streams, depending on the eligibility. The Short Term Skilled Occupations List permits the visa holder to stay in Australia for up to 2 years, after which, the holder can renew the visa for another 2 years. The visa holder has the option of renewing the visa without returning to their home-country. In the case of Medium and Long Term Skills Occupations List, applicant can apply for a work-visa for up to 4 years.  

482 Visa to Permanent Residency  

Tips for finding the Migration Agent 

If you plan to apply for the 482 visa, you are going to need help from an experienced consultant. A consultant will assist you in the paper-work and meeting different requirements. However, you can’t just pick any 482 visa migration agent Perth. You need someone reliable. There are certain tips that will help you find an experienced and reliable consultant for this job. 

  1. Research about the Company. 
  2. Look for Company’s reviews on different social media platforms. 
  3. Make sure the company is registered. 
  4. Communicate and assess the consultant that will be dealing your case.  
  5. Discuss the charges beforehand.  

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