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Looking forward to your vacation days as you slave away in your office cubicle? Are you looking for an escape from your mundane routine? Why not book go on a holiday? Holiday apartments are growing increasingly these days and have become very popular. They have a significant edge over hotels because it is like your home away from home where you can stick to your own schedule without anyone bothering you whereas in a hotel room it can be really uncomfortable to have your space invaded by room service at the most unexpected hours. Moreover, if you are travelling with friends and family, it isn’t ideal to stay in a hotel as the groups of friends/families are split into different rooms. However, in the case of holiday apartments, each apartment has a communal space that you share with your friends or family and at the same time, you’ll have your own room for your privacy. Furthermore, if you are travelling with your pets, these apartments are much better for you as most hotels have a no pets policy which is a deal breaker. Thus, it is much better to book holiday apartments as they offer more comfort, space, and privacy. 

Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments offer you the perfect getaway. They offer you the best luxury accommodation on Hamilton Island in Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands. With year round swimming and a daytime average of 24 degrees in the winter, you can leave you the stress of daily life behind and enjoy the sandy beaches of Australia and relax in your own private, luxury apartments where you can live with comfort and get a taste of what it is really like to live in the paradise of Hamilton Island. One of the greatest part of being here is that you get to see the Great Barrier Reef which the world’s largest coral reef and regarded as one of the seven greatest natural wonders of the world. Furthermore, Hamilton Island has its very own 18 hole championship golf course with a contemporary clubhouse for those who love golf. There is also a mini golf course that is a fun family activity and suitable for all ages which will make your holiday much more entertaining. 

Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments offer the best Hamilton island family accommodation to you, so you can kick back and enjoy your holidays with your whole family. They offer luxury apartments in a range of different sizes that suit your group and budget. These apartments are perfect for your family as there is nothing better than coming back home after a long day of exploring the island with your family. If you are a water lover, the beachfront apartments will be perfect for you, so you are able to enjoy the stunning views of the ocean right from your doorstep. Moreover, they also offer Luxury holiday homes which are equipped with the best facilities in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible. These properties are perfect for your family, a large number of friends as they can cater for any size. They also offer luxury boats so you can explore the island while relaxing on your exclusive yacht. 

Hamilton Island Holiday Apartments pride themselves with their personalised approach to providing housing for your ménage. Their team are locals of Hamilton Island who know the island inside out and are committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. They are directly in touch with you and suggest you the best option for your stay. If you have children, they will ensure that your chosen has everything you need for your child. Moreover, they will provide a free shuttle service for you from the airport to your chosen property.

The team is dedicated to finding you find you accommodation that will create the perfect base for your holiday and they go above and beyond to make sure that is suits your individual needs and at an affordable price. Moreover, with each property, they provide a buggy so that you can explore the island properly without having to worry about transport costs. So, arrange your dream getaway for Hamilton island accommodation packages online or call their friendly team at 1800 135 539 so they can guide you through your dream vacation.


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