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The blistering summer heat often has all of us wishing to get away from our slow, hazy summer lives, for a summer getaway with pristine beaches with stunning sandbars, bright, turquoise waters and an abundance of sea life. A getaway to the sort of beaches we only see in movies. While places like Bali offer a lot of beautiful scenery, more often than not they are overcome with a swarm of tourists owing to their rapidly increasing popularity. Thus, on beaches like Bali or the Maldives, we may not find the seclusion and privacy that we often desire on our beach getaway. Furthermore, these popular tourist destinations are often highly expensive to visit and may leave you with a hole burned through your wallet after only a very short vacation. Thus, to get the picturesque beach vacation that we all want, without it burning a hole through our wallets and also with some seclusion and privacy, we believe there is no spot more perfect than Zanzibar. Located off the coast of the mainland, Zanzibar consists of many small islands and two big ones. The region is also sometimes said to be a part of the ‘spice islands’ together with Tanzania’s Mafia islands.  

Right off the bat, Zanzibar is without a doubt one of the most beautiful island states in the world. The region is truly the ideal getaway as it has sandy beaches, pristine, turquoise water and an abundance of coral reefs making them perfect for wading into the water, with the sea chock full of the most vibrant sea life. So whether you’re looking to get the perfect Instagram pictures from your vacation, or want to explore the land and all it has to offer, Zanzibar is the place to be! You have the choice of either lounging about on the stunning coast, or exploring the many small islands off shore, many of which are virtually unexplored by tourists. So, you have the choice of enjoying a lazy, relaxing vacation or exploring new territory and learning new things!  

Apart from pristine beaches, Zanzibar has an abundance of other activities to offer. Firstly, the Zanzibar archipelago is home to Stone City, which is a certified UNESCO world heritage site, due to its great cultural influences. Stone City architecture draws its influences from Swahili culture, which has Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements thus making the culture highly unique. Furthermore, the city also has a great number of activities that you may partake in, such as visiting the spice farms, where you get spice tours, tastings, and henna paintings. Additionally, while exploring the mainland you get the opportunity to explore the very diverse culture of the region, to make your vacation a good learning experience as well. These are still just a few reasons why you should Zanzibar tours over any other foreign trip.  

For your Zanzibar tours a destination management company you may pick is 20twentyplus, which is headed by Richard Paulse, who claims personal knowledge of the South African territory. The tours offered include trips to not only to Zanzibar but also to Kenya. The tours are thus well rounded well rounded as they offer good opportunities to learn the diverse African culture and also offer many fun activities. As a part of this tour you may explore the various small fishing villages along the Zanzibar coast, traverse to Cheetah’s Rock or learn about the rich cultural heritage of Zanzibar through exploring the historic Stone City and learning about the Sultanate, the Swahili culture and the language of the people, alongside trying new cuisines and customs.

Thus, for a one of a kind vacation that is not only relaxing but educational, be sure to choose South African holidays over other foreign vacations. The African culture and the beauty of the cities, beaches and the people will surely astound you. For fully detailed itineraries you may check out 20twentyplus, and you will find that they offer a great variety of tours, ranging from long to short. Furthermore, the company boasts flexible policies so you may rest assured that your vacation will be budget friendly and worth every penny! 


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