How to choose the best towel holder for your bathroom

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Towels are one of the most essential necessity of every bathroom and the organization of towels is as important to keep your bathroom look tidy all the time. In today’s time with lots of modern inventions there are multiple types of holders for towels like bath towel hooks, bars, racks, and towel rings depending upon multiple factors including the size of your bathroom, aesthetics, colour schemes, and dimensions. One of the factor is the size of your towels as well, for example the smallest size towels are for towel rings, similarly medium sized towels will only look aesthetically pleasing when folded on a rack and bars hold huge towels, similarly if you wear a bath robe than the most accurate holder for the robe would be a hook. 

One thing you should consider while buying a towel holder is it should be easily accessible and convenient to use without causing any discomfort. If you have enough space for a small cabinet or a closet it would be great to store your unused towels however keeping your towels ready to be used when needed on hand is not just useful but important to save your time and effort trying to search it all over again. Let’s look at the attributes of all types of towel holders one by one. 

Towel Hooks 

Bath towel hooks occupy far less space than bars and racks, they are a bit more convenient than other forms of holders when it comes to catch the towel in a hurry. Hooks can be installed anywhere in the bathroom or even your room walls or back your doors to keep your necessities hanged on them one thing that is exceptional about hooks is they can be removed and installed anywhere easily as per your convenience. You can even make your hooks yourself as a DIY project and save money, there are stick on towel hooks as well which can efficiently be used for light and small sized towels. 

Towel Rings 

Towel rings are best for small sized towels mainly used as hand towels after washing your hands, and it should be place next to the sink to access it easily after every use. Large towels can also be placed in rings but it would not be aesthetically pleasing to a naked eye plus rings are light weight and are designed to hold light weight towels. They look very beautiful and stylish in every bathroom they look very beautiful and stylish in every bathroom. You can always play around with different types of bathroom accessories to go with the type of bathroom you have designed for yourself. 

Towel Bars 

Towel bars are the most common and old type of a towel holder which you will definitely find in every bathroom despite its size, dimensions and style. They serves both purpose of a holder plus a nice décor item in your bathroom, while buying furniture for your home don’t forget to buy a towel bar just like you can never forget to buy furniture legs for items like chairs, bed, table etc. Mount your towel bar just near your bath tub or a shower where you can easily access it by extending your arm after a nice shower.  

Towel Racks 

A towel rack can be of two types, one you can call a towel shelf as well because it is used to fold the unused towels for later use and the other type of towel rack is also a kind of towel bar but it is a series of multiple bars in a row for hanging multiple towels at a time. These racks are immensely useful and a great convenience when it comes to storing multiple towels in one place. The unused towel is always ready to access when the first one gets wet. 

No matter what type of towel storage/holder you prefer they not only add beauty to your bathroom but serves as a great tool for your storage problems. Whichever type you choose just make sure you are buying the right kind of holder for a specific type of towel and the type of your bathroom. 


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