If they wouldn’t leave you, why would you leave them?

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Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. A great companion for life is an understatement. They will be there for you as long as you are good to them. People often say that cats aren’t the nicest pets to keep, when in fact, when taken care of, they can be some of the most loving pets. People all around the world who have kept pets know the joy of owning them. Unfortunately, along with that comes the pain of losing them when their time comes. Though a pet can give you a lot of love during their life, their deaths have a profound impact on our emotions as well. Many people have a seriously hard time getting over the grief of a pet dying, the reason being the fact that they were once so attached to them.   

Though taking care of them can be super fulfilling and give you a sense of purpose, sometimes it can be extremely difficult to care for them even though you would always give it your best. For most people, issues arise when you need to go out of the city and need someone to take care of the pet. You can try friends or family but they aren’t always the most receptive. Moreover, with that, they have to take on the responsibility of the animal’s well-being and ensure that nothing happens to them in that time. Moreover, for the pet owner, leaving the animal in someone else’s care can have its own challenges. It’s hard to part with the pet and if you aren’t sure about the person, it can make things 10x worse. 

If you are looking for the right place to house your pets while you are away, consider looking at Moorholme Park Pet Care Centre located at the Melbourne airport. They have been around for roughly 50 years now and have been taking care of your pets ever since. They aim to provide the best quality shelter to your animals when they are staying at the kennel. They just might be the solution you need when you need to head out of the city.   

One of the major things you want to look out for when you are leaving your animals somewhere is that they are safe and sound the entire time. There are hundreds of cases of animal abuse out there where people just have no regard for the animals which they are taking care of. Though we are not here to scare you, we think that is important that you know the realities of some of the shelter/ kennels out there. 

However, these guys are nothing like that, with over 50 years of experience, they are ready to take care of your animals while you are gone, as well as transport them overseas to wherever it is that you are going. They are more than capable of handling a few of your animals for a while so consider them if you ever need their help.  

Safe transit  

Other than safely housing them on the 36 acre property, the family run business has also been able to transport them to wherever you are going. For people who are moving away, it’s important for the animals to be relocated to them as soon as possible so that they don’t get depressed. 

The pet transport service can be trusted in this regard. They ensure that the pet is sent to you as soon as possible and make sure that it reaches you safe and sound when you have landed in your new location. 

Transporting pets overseas from Australia has never been easier than it now. There has typically been a long drawn out process when it comes to something like this, but now with places like this around, you can be sure that you pooch or cat will get to you before you know it. Understandably, the thought of them being left behind is a difficult one for us all, therefore, we hope that you take advantage of their service and rendezvous with your pet as soon as you can. Check out their website for more about their services, they might just surprise you.  


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