The manufacturing of toilet tissue papers

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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every household has tissue papers in it especially the toilet tissue rolls. There are two reasons for it; first is obviously these tissue rolls are used for hygienic purposes and secondly they are quite cheap so everybody can afford them. The demand of tissue papers enhanced even more when during the spread of corona virus as the most important precautionary step to protect oneself from getting affected with virus is to keep oneself and his surroundings clean. Have you ever given a thought that how toilet tissue paper are mad. Or has it ever crossed your mind that what steps would the making of paper towels take. If you have these questions in your mind and other such related queries then you have come to the right place because this article is all about tissue papers and paper towels. We will be discussing about the manufacturing of toilet tissue papers and paper hand towels in the following article. 

The manufacturing of toilet tissue paper:  

Toilet papers are basically made with the amalgamation of hardwood and softwood. These woods are then processed and converted into a pulp form. After that; paper stock is made by adding water in the processed pulp of wood so to get the paper stock.  This paper stock is then screened on a mesh like material which drains the excessive water. After the excessive water has been drained from the paper stock; it is then pressed and dried. Metal blades are used to scrape the paper stock off. This prepared material is then moved into machines to cut them into long strip and make perforation in them. At last; these paper logs are presented in the rolls shape by folding them around a cylindrical wooden material. 

The manufacturing of paper hand towels: 

The manufacturing of paper towels is almost similar to that of toilet rolls. After the preparation of pulp it is cleaned and bleached. Then these paper pulps are dried and rolled over a long cylindrical shape material just as the toilet tissue rolls. However; the material used in the making of these hand towels somewhat differ from that of toilet papers. 

Features of toilet tissue rolls: 

The use of toilet papers is not limited to hygienic needs only rather it can be used for various purposes. If you are having flue and have runny nose then these tissue rolls can help you.  If you want to wipe any surface then again tissue rolls can be used. The quality of these tissue roles is that they are absorbent and soft so they can be used for various purposes. 

Features of paper hand towels: 

We know that paper towels are used to dry the hands for hygienic purposes. These paper towels have great absorbing powers and are disposable as well. Their amazing absorbent powers make them handy for various purposes including wiping windows, during hands, cleaning countertops in kitchens and so on. 

Nicholls and Maher NZ LTD:  

Nicholls and Maher’s Company is known for selling high quality disposable products and constructional materials for more than thirty years now. The products that they specialise in selling includes paper hand towels, paper coffee cups and disposable gloves for the processing of food items. In addition to that; they also sell degradable rubbish bag and plywood for the construction industry.  


Tissue papers are one of the most used and common products that are found in almost every household; be it the rich or the poor. The main function of tissue papers is of maintaining the hygiene and for cleaning purposes. There are different types of tissue papers according to which their rates vary. The process of manufacturing of these different types of tissue papers is almost the same. However; the materials used in its making and the quantity of materials might vary depending upon the type of a tissue paper. “Nicholls and Maher’s” Company is known for selling the best quality of tissue papers along with some other products. The toilet tissues rolls and the paper hand towels produced by this company have great absorbing power.   


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