Why you should Buy your Football Merchandise from Sherrin?

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Football is one of the most well-known games in Australia. You can track down kids and even grown-ups partaking in the games on each and every other road. Furthermore, with such a lively football culture, it’s just normal that in the event that you long in the country long enough, you’ll also catch interest in it.  

So if you are planning to start your football journey and want to purchase a high-quality football then why look around? Sherrin has got you covered. Sherrin is one of the most popular Australian football brands. 

From the likes of Collingwood to Richmond tigers’ merchandise, you can find merchandise of your favourite leagues at your fingertips. So if you’re looking to buy a quality football, then in this article we’re going to see 5 reasons that why Sherrin should be your top choice.  

Let’s dive straight into it. 

Football Quality 

In comparison to other football manufacturers, what makes Sherrin stand out and lets them reign at the top is the quality of the footballs they produce. The fact Collingwood and Richmond tigers merchandise can be found on their site further testifies for the fact.  

Aside from the two teams we’ve mentioned, there are dozen more teams that you can find listed on the website of Sherrin to get your desired merchandise.  

Once manufactured, the football at Sherrin go through numerous different quality tests to make sure that before they’re released to the market, live up to the standard set by them.  

Design and Variety 

The design and variety that you find at Sherrin is also one of the reasons that they are the top football manufacturers in Australia. You can pretty much find every colour that you’re looking for and to add, there are also multitude of designs to choose from. The cherry on top is that there’s also merchandise of a variety of different teams.  

And as we’ve mentioned Richmond and Collingwood AFL merchandise can also be found at their site. We don’t think there’s any other football brand in Australia that provides so much variety at one place. So it isn’t surprising why Sherrin is the number one option by football enthusiasts.  

Football Size 

If you are unsure about the football size that you want to purchase then this is another department where Sherrin excels. You can find footballs of a variety of different sizes at their website and the cherry on top is that the football sizes are also sorted according to the age group.  

There are 7 main categories of age groups on Sherrin which not only includes the younger range of 12-13 years but also, below that. Similarly, they have a section for infants as well. So if your child is showing an active interest from a surprisingly early age, then you can buy them a football from Sherrin that matches their size requirements to help them get started.  

Value for Money 

Another reason why Sherrin is the number one football brand in Australia is because they always provide value for money. You would think that a brand that manufactures football for so many leagues and teams and have Richmond and Collingwood AFL merchandise on store would charge a hefty amount.  

However, this is not the case. All the footballs sold by Sherrin are set at reasonable prices. You can find one for as little as $20, so even if you’re short on cash but do not want to compromise on the quality, then Sherrin is the perfect place to purchase a football from.  

Made to Last 

Once you purchase a football manufactured by Sherrin, you don’t have to look elsewhere. Another reason behind the raging success of this brand is that their footballs are made to last. If you have even the slightest of doubt about the quality of the footballs, then you can rest assure that you’re going to get a money back guarantee in case you do find any defects with the footballs sold by them? 

When you’re buying a football from them consider it as a one-time investment. Whether you want to buy one for yourself or gift it to your loved ones, you can expect that it will be something that is going to stay with you for a long-time. 



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