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Not a single soul amongst us would pass up an opportunity to look our fanciest. There is just something truly special about sitting about dressed in our best dress, with our hair done up just right. Of course, the one thing that can complete this look is a dainty glass full of wine. There is just something about wine which can make us feel all posh and fancy, even if we are dressed in our PJ’s. This is in part because of just how posh and cultured the art of wine making and even wine drinking has become. Wine isn’t just something that you chug down and then have another glass of – it’s something that you savor in every sip. From taking in the aroma of the wine, and experiencing the smell of the grapes, to taking a sip, swirling it around, and savoring all the unique layers of flavor that every wine has to offer. There is no occasion that wine can be inappropriate for. Whether we are celebrating with friends or with family, whether we are having a good day or a bad day, and even if we are all alone by ourselves, a glass of wine can make our day seem all the more better.

Over the years, wine itself has become a culture. Everything, from the process of creating the wine to drinking it is part of a strongly embedded culture. Even thousands of years ago, wine was an important part of the life of the people, and could draw wine enthusiasts together. The wines made in one part of the world differ greatly from the wines made in other parts of the world. This is because of the different tastes of the grapes found in varying regions. Not only does the wine’s unique taste come from the grapes, but it also comes from the way that the wine is left to ferment. Wine makers across the world curate wines with their own special styles to create flavours extremely intricate and delicate at the same time. The thoughtfulness that goes into the process of making wine, and the ageing process which is required to refine the flavour is what makes making a fine wine an art form.

There are different ways that different types of wine can be paired with foods. If you end up serving wine with food randomly, chances are you will most likely be thought of as an idiot. Pairing wine with food requires knowledge of the type of wine that we have, and knowledge of what food can be paired with what type of wine. Whites with silkier textures are better paired with seafood in a heavier sauce, whereas champagne is something which can go well with any savoury courses. Red wines can work better which foods with spicy, bolder sauces. In general then, lighter foods are better paired with white wines which are more delicate, whereas foods more spicy go much better with full bodied red wines, which won’t be overpowered by the spice. For those looking for wine, the best choice may be to buy wine online.

Wine shopping can have us running from aisle to aisle searching for a wine perfect for our food, but also not something insanely expensive. In addition to this, we can easily be led astray by a wine that looks fancy, but can easily taste bad. Wine shopping, much like making and drinking wine is an art and requires knowledge. Therefore, the best and easiest way to shop for wine can be to just buy wine online. We can not only find a huge range of wines to select from all in one place, but the wine can be delivered safely to our doorstep.

Shopping from wine can be made all the more easier if we get our wine from Nicks, which is a family run business which you can trust. Being an award winning business and being one of Australia’s largest wine retailers, you can be sure that at Nicks you will be shopping for the best quality wine out there. In their huge catalog you can find wine for every budget and every occasion, in a matter of seconds!


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